Advertising opportunities on AmandaPandaDuh:


Indie publisher or a blogger or maybe something in between?

Like to support my work and advertise to my readers?

You’ve come to the right place!

“Advertising” is essentially me posting an image (GIFs count) that redirects to a link of your choice. See the sidebar to the right. If that works for you, please contact me at amandapandaduh (@) with the book cover/image you’ve created or have copyrights to, the affiliate link you would like it directed to, and now long you want the ad to run. I will forward the PayPal invoice at that point.
Please also specify from the list below what option you’d like and the dates you’d like them to start. If unspecified the default date will be as soon as payment is received and the image goes up + 1 day. I will try to respond promptly, but if it’s needed in a specific time frame, be sure to set it up at least one month in advance.
Right now, I’m only posting images in the sidebar widgets. They will be labeled as Sponsored Content. There may be more advertising opportunities in the future, so check back.
Current options include:
1 Week = $5.00
1 Month = $10.00
6 Months = $15.00
1 Year = $20.00
Now offering sponsored author interviews for this tip jar! They are F R E E with the purchase of any ad as listed above. Click here for details.


All sales are final. I reserve the right to reject an ad based on the image itself and the content it links to. I will not be held responsible if service to this blog is interrupted for any reason. By sending content, you are acknowledging you have the rights to that content. If you decide you want an ad removed after the time it has been posted, you will not be reimbursed, though a new image or link can replace unwanted content. The order of the ads from top to bottom is oldest to most recent orders. Amandapandaduh never charges for book reviews or for TBR spotlight posts. Current panda stats for 2017 are over 150 subscribers on WordPress and the blog averages about 20 views a day. My blog is synced with a Twitter of over 700 followers and a Tumbler with over 300. And growing!

Thank you for considering AmandaPandaDuh for your advertising!

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