Request a Book Review

Are you an author or a publisher who wants your book reviewed? I’ll do it! Maybe.

If you’re afraid of me (or not fearful enough), take a look at my previous reviews to get a feel for my negative and exasperated tone. My bark is worse than my bite. It takes a lot to impress me, but the review will be honest. I’ll also post it to Goodreads.

I tend to read speculative fiction books, though Epic Fantasies (think Martin and Tolkien wanna-bes) are quite tiring these days. If I can tell in the request that it’s not something I will even finish but am curious about, I’ll let you know up front. Otherwise, sure. I’ll review what I did manage to read of your DNF book.

Self-published, graphic novels, and some memoirs welcome! (Nothing ghostwritten).

Speaking of DNFs…If I do accept your review request, then that means I’m posting about it in the TBR tag and on my social media as well as writing a review post. This is free advertising for you. So don’t get mad at me for my honest reviews. M’kay? Fair trade and all.

If I can tell from the request email the book is not going to work for me AT ALL, I’ll likely just ghost your email because no response is better than a flat rejection. However, if I see a spark of promise in your passed-up work, I’ll feature it as TBR spotlight post because I feel bad. Commentary on why I might pick up your book later, should I become an immortal with infinite time, will be included in the TBR post. So, don’t reach out with a request unless you’re willing to let me default to that.

I like print copies, but I’ll take a pdf or  kindle edition if that’s all you’ve got.  One great thing about sending me print copies is that I will donate them to a library (maybe one where I, ahem, work) if I think they are appropriate. I am a librarian, so I am, yes, a type of gatekeeper. If I donate it, this means a potential listing in If your book is listed there and libraries “hold” it, then that means it is cataloged and could be lent out in inter-library loan. And THAT means it’s on the grid for the secret illuminati of researchers and readers. 

I prefer a Goodreads link over an Amazon link. But I’m grateful for any link at all that keeps me from having to do a google search to find out more on your book. (Pro-tip: If your book is on Goodreads, that means I can leave a review there, too. And if your book is on Goodreads it means that you know what you’re doing as an author participating in this online reading community. If your book doesn’t have a Goodreads page, it’s likely I’ll pass).

The timeline for when I’ll have your review done? I’ll get to it when I get to it. If you have a deadline that you want a review for, I’m NOT your reviewer. This is a hobby. Not a job. All reviews are done for free. Priority is given to print copies. NOTE: I’m currently 3-6 months out after accepting a book for review. 

Contact me at: for a request.

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