2023 TV mini reviews

This post will be updated on an ongoing basis as I watch things or change my mind about shows. Listed in no particular order. See 2022 reviews here.

I don’t review late night shows, game shows, reality TV, or sketch shows like SNL here. Though I do watch them here and there.

If it has a * then it was one of my faves.

  1. Backstage with Katherine Ryan – I enjoy Ryan roasting all of these comedians. Is this reality TV?
  2. Poker face – I stopped at episode 3. The contrived “on the run Agatha Christie” just wasn’t super believable at times but I may go back to this one.
  3. The Last of Us – super really boring?
  4. Mayfair Witches – I like Interview with the vampire better.
  5. Abbott Elementary – Carried over from 2022.
  6. Shrinking* – How can all these co-workers and friends feel so much like family to each other. What universe does this exist in because it seems so nice there.
  7. Carnival Row – Was too rushed yet they wasted an entire episode on Philo seeing things??? Also was this anti-communist propaganda??? Blondie actually started to become a well-rounded character in this one.
  8. Extraordinary* – See, Misfits didn’t have to end the way it did.
  9. Daisy Jones and The Six* – I just liked it.
  10. Shadow and Bone – the pace was good, but still so much didn’t make sense to me. Like how baddie made it out of the fold? I still don’t get that. Also, my favorite story line from season 1 felt very ignored in 2 – is the prison boy out or not?
  11. Shelved –
  12. Yellowjackets – season 2
  13. The Power –
  14. Beef –
  15. Barry –



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